Here’s to a New Year!

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Can you believe another year is almost over? I truly do not know where the time goes!

It’s been far too long since I’ve written anything on this blog. Oh, believe me, there have been plenty of words bouncing around in my mind to fill many pages with life-inspired thoughts, but my heart and soul have just not been in it these past couple years. Three years ago, life threw me a curve ball that I did not see coming, do we ever, and it brought me to my knees. Yet, as with any change in my life, I eventually got back up and on track.

This past year I was diagnosed with Lupus and Lyme disease which brought with it many health challenges, forcing me to step back some and make my health a priority. I’m ready though to see what this year will bring and hope to make time for writing once again, as I work on healing my body.

I’ve never been into making resolutions, which only seem to fail by about the second week of January! Ha! What I do like to do instead is write out a list of goals for the year and for this year my list looks something like this:

2022 Goals

*Study God’s Word

*Make my health/healing a priority; become physically fit and lose weight

*Focus on nutrition/healing foods; write a cookbook

*Heal past emotional wounds/trauma through journaling

*Plan and create a beautiful garden

*Write/publish a book based on my past blog posts

*Design my new blog focusing on nutrition and natural healing

Whew, quite a list! But first, I must take down all the Christmas decorations, throw the tree outside and vacuum up all the needles! Ha!

Welcome to 2022! What are your goals/dreams/priorities for this new year? Start by writing them down, then prioritize them in order of importance. What will you focus on this year? What is most important to you to accomplish? Pick something, anything, and take that first step into the new year with a renewed focus on your life and see what happens!

Here’s to a happy New Year!


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4 thoughts on “Here’s to a New Year!

  1. I was deeply touched by what you shared here, Amy. If anything, I think it speaks to your maturity to know that you needed this time to allow God and others to simply love you right where you are.

    Being blindsided by life takes a heavy toll, and I am confident that everyone who reads what you shared will be able to relate at some level. There are moments, days, months or even years when it is difficult to see the good, to see the hand of God. But in the resting and the waiting He reminds us that His ways are higher than ours, and there is a depth of intimacy that grows from all of it, even if we can’t see it until it is in our rearview mirror. Because of your unwavering devotion and your trust in Him, I trust He has reminded you of His unfathomable love for you while also giving you a measure of compassion and wisdom deeper than you ever imagined.

    May this new year find you richly blessed and at peace!



    1. Thank you, Cindy, for your kind, encouraging words! I wasn’t even sure if anyone was still around because I’ve been gone so long!

      I’ve been learning to slow down and take it easy, especially this past year when I literally didn’t have a choice but to listen to my body and rest as needed, which was a lot!
      And while I’ve been growing in the Lord and finding my worth in Him, I admit to still struggling many days with shame and regrets from the past which I just find so hard to shake free from. So, I still have work to do in that area. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Hey again, Amy. I’m so glad you took the time to respond.

        I just want you to know I “get it.” I’ve been there, and I’m just coming out of my own years-long journey with the Lord, trying to let go of some things that have haunted me, struggling to find peace in Him and the love of my amazing husband, my four adult children and a handful of close friends.

        Feel free to email me if you’d ever like to converse privately or maybe have a phone call. You can always PM me on Facebook. I just want you to know you’re not alone!


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