Speaking love

“Imagine if we all spoke of the things we love about ourselves instead of the things we don’t like…” @paleohacks

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Wow…just wow. Could God speak any louder to me lately?

It could possibly just be hormones, most likely it is, but lately I’m struggling. Struggling to be content where I am and struggling to speak love to myself instead of criticism.

So when this quote popped up on my Instagram — yay, for social media! —  I just felt the Lord speaking directly to me especially after the hard day I allowed myself to wallow in.

For too long in my life I had criticism slapped in my face and negative words spewed at me, and very rarely was any love spoken to me. Over time, I soon became my worst critic. And some days I’m still really good at it — like today.

But when I read the above quote I thought — what if I allow myself to believe fully in God’s love for me — believing without a doubt how I am wonderfully made by Him (Psalm 139:14) — and I only spoke love to myself instead of being self-critical of all the things I don’t like about me?

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” ~Psalm 139:14


What if we truly believed God loves us not for who we are, but because of who He is?

What if we took each and every negative thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:5) and weighed it against what God’s Word tells us is true? And while I believe this verse is speaking more of spiritual warfare and being discerning of false religions and teachers, I think that any thought which is negative and hurtful, even to ourselves, should be taken captive and not allowed to hold us hostage to wrongful thinking — including negative thoughts we have about ourselves.

We are told God made us in His image or likeness, so if we think of ourselves as lowly and unworthy, ugly and invaluable, then those thoughts are contradictory to who scripture tells us God is, and therefore, untrue about ourselves.

Some days are difficult — and many days are made more difficult because of our own critical voice directed at ourselves. Comparisons bombard us daily making a way for discontent to creep into our lives over time until one day we find ourselves doubting our worth, judging our value and just feeling crushed beneath the weight of thinking we’re not enough.


So perhaps, if I speak love to myself those critical thoughts will not have a chance at controlling my days — they will be taken captive.

And perhaps, if I truly believe God to be who He says He is, then I can look at myself in the mirror with love and acceptance, just as I believe He does.

01 a enough3


There will always be hard days, some harder than others, but may we all find our love and worth through the eyes of God who created us and loves us, not for who we are or what we do, but because of who He is.











9 thoughts on “Speaking love

  1. “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.” Matthew 5:14-15

    Let me be among the first to tell you that you are a light in the darkness, Amy. The enemy knows how very powerful you are. He’s just whispering those little lies to you, exploiting what he knows are your traditional fears. He hopes to distract and disarm you. But, you are MORE than enough, and Jesus sees you as a treasure and a delight and a light to those around you. I am certain of it.


  2. I need this reminder too. I find it very easy to be critical of myself at times. It is important to hold on to God’s truth and remember that he loves us as we are.


  3. Hi Amy! As women we are so critical. We put unreasonable standards on ourselves that are impossible to live up to. But we never seem to impose those same standards on our friends and family because we love them. I pray that you will feel the love of God surrounding you today and that you will see yourself as He does! God bless!

    Stopping by from Coffee for Your Heart.

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  4. Two things that I personally think can trip us up. 1) Too much exposure to others’ lives, whether on social media or mainstream media (TV, etc.), where all of “the beautiful people” live. Personally, I have to stay away from that stuff – the messages that whisper, “I should try to hide my aging skin and my imperfect body and apologize for my relatively lackluster life.” I’m much happier and more content and empowered when I stay away from those influences. And 2) Making constant comparisons – seeing others’ accomplishments or abilities as more impressive than our own. The lie of the enemy says, “Look at how amazing she is. You’ll never be as successful or accomplished or (name-your-adjective) as she is.” And we feel defeated and inadequate and wonder if we should just give up and make way for others more gifted than we are.

    The truth is that God created us to live our own unique and separate lives, and He will meet us and empower us and bless us as we walk the path He has laid before us – a path that is ours alone. And how amazing it is to know that He is that personal, that intentional to pour Himself into our little corner of the universe, whether other people ever know about it – or not!

    Hope that isn’t too preachy… I just know that we can all fall into this trap, and we need to come against it with the knowledge of the truth and encourage one another to press on and fight our battles and watch for the victory that is already ours!


    1. Yep, you are right, Cindy, those two things are definitely tripping me up during this season of my life.
      Entering menopause has changed my body physically, like an extra unwanted 30lbs that I never ever thought would happen since I’ve always been thin and fit, and it’s changed me emotionally with all those hormones shifting around. I’m in a constant battle to not look at everyone else and think how I USED to be pretty or thin or fit or whatever. It’s a constant comparison that way and then my emotions just kick in at any ol’ time. 😉

      And the enemy is definitely attacking me right now, telling me how everyone else around me is better than me, doing more than me, and I’m feeling that life has passed me by. I read someone’s blog post and then delete the one I was writing because I just can’t write as well as them; I gave up a dream years ago of pursing midwifery and now watch as women I knew at that time accomplishing things I only once dreamed of; and a dear friend who I reconnected with after years and whom has been going through a similar struggle of wondering what to do with her life just got her dream job.
      Me? I just suddenly started feeling like I’m nobody, doing nothing and have little to offer compared to so many others.

      Fortunately, the Lord intervened the other day. On my way for my yearly physical with a new nurse practitioner I prayed that she would be someone who could help me, since I’m so tired of trying to find a good health care provider that I click with. And the minute she walked in the exam room I knew without a doubt that the Lord brought me to her because she knew exactly how to help me, and even gave me a pep talk after I broke down emotionally. She gave me the push to do something I’d love to do and when that little voice starts telling me I could never do it, her voice overrides it and I again feel confident.

      Anyway, I appreciate your encouragement and keeping in touch.


  5. Blessed to be your neighbor today at Holley’s. I love your passion for truth – it really does set us free (Jn 8:32). Blessings!


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