What a joyous day!

Eight years ago today — February 13, 2009 — was the beginning of the end of a twenty-year destructive marriage. And today is a joyous day indeed as I celebrate the beautiful life God brought forth from those ashes.

Two years ago I wrote this post about that very day and when it popped up in my Facebook memories today I found myself smiling as I read it. A smile filled with happiness and a heart bursting with thanksgiving at being so far from those years and having survived an abusive marriage.


Today is a truly joyous day and I thank God for not only setting me free but redeeming those years in a way I would never have imagined.

The Day You Left…






One thought on “What a joyous day!

  1. Hi Amy,
    I’m visiting from Coffee for your Heart 🙂 and after reading your post, it’s evident that God has brought you so far from the painful days of the past. So grateful that he does redeem the past, give us a future and bless our days with joy. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! xo


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