A book review

Last week I was invited to join a book launch group for a new book, Healing From Hidden Abuse, about psychological abuse due for publication the end of August. I just happened to be at the coast visiting my husband while he was there for work and was excited to dive into the book during the mornings while he was working. So I settled in at a local coffee shop with the downloaded book on my Kindle, my journal for note taking and of course, a yummy coffee.

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After reading the advanced copy of the book I was asked to write a review which you can find here: Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery From Psychological Abuse book review.

As a survivor of psychological abuse, or what I’ve always called emotional and/or mental abuse, I have to say this book far surpassed my expectations on the subject.

The author, Shannon Thomas, is a Christian counselor. In her book, Healing From Hidden Abuse, she clearly defines what psychological abuse is, who this type of abuser is and why it happens, and once you understand the what, who and why of this type of abuse, the author outlines six stages of recovery necessary for a *survivor to work through so they can find healing and recovery from abuse.

Shannon’s straight-forward, no nonsense approach to defining this type of insidious abuse left me feeling validated after all these years. Trying to explain what was happening in my first marriage was difficult because most people equate abuse with hitting and battering, but my abuse left no outward wounds only tremendous damage to my heart and soul. I was asked several times after my ex walked out over seven years ago if he ever hit me. And the question was usually asked in such a way as to insinuate that if I had not been hit I had not been abused, and therefore, I had no reason to leave that marriage. I needed to just suck it up, be more respectful and submissive, and deal with my lot in life.


This book should be placed in the hands of every pastor, elder and any other authority figure within the church so they can be better equipped, if necessary, to work with survivors of psychological abuse who seek their help.

Better yet, I hope and pray this book makes its way into the hands of survivors so they can equip themselves with knowledge and help for them to overcome abuse in their lives. I know I will be recommending it often!

If you are living with abuse or think you are, please seek help. There are many resources available to help you heal and recover from abuse so you can live an abundant God-honoring life.

Shannon Thomas

Hurt By Love

A Cry For Justice

Lundy Bancroft

Leslie Vernick – Christ-Centered Counseling

Patricia Evans



*Survivor is the term Shannon Thomas uses for victims of abuse as she believes people who have been in abusive relationships often come out the other side stronger and better able to handle things in life.







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