The beauty of words…

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A few days ago I ran into a man from my former church whom I truly never knew that well but remembered him as soft-spoken who always had a warm smile to offer.

When we ran into each other he gave me one of his smiles and a quiet hello, which I returned. But suddenly I wondered if he knew who I was as he seemed to turn back to his shopping and start to move on. So gently touching his arm, I asked if he remembered me to which he again smiled and said of course he did.

Then out of the blue this man begins telling me how he never knew my husband that well (we’d all gone to the same church years ago), but from the little he did know and from what he’d heard from others he could tell my husband was a good man. And he warmly smiled at me again.

His words sort of stunned me since it wasn’t the typical how-are-you kind of conversation which ensues when running into someone you haven’t seen in a while. It seemed so random yet well thought out as if he’d been thinking about what to say. And there I stood with a quizzical look on my face until it slowly registered in me what he was saying and I returned his smile. With tear-filled eyes my words slipped out quietly explaining how the past years had been very hard but how blessed I was that God had brought that good man, my husband, into my life. I leaned in a little closer and told him God’s bringing us together was my saving grace — we had saved each other. He continued to smile, understandingly nodded his head, and told me how he and his wife were very happy for me. I said thank you and we said our good-bye’s going our separate ways.

Walking towards the checkout I was beaming from ear to ear. This man had offered up words to me that were sweet as honeycomb and healing to my very soul. No condemnation, no turning away, no judging — just warm loving words which were meant only for me to hear and understand.

Anyone else standing nearby would not have gotten the meaning of his words. And perhaps there really wasn’t some grand meaning behind what he said, but to me, well those words were a healing, soothing balm for my heart and soul even if he didn’t know it or say them for that reason.

Sometimes the sweetest most healing soothing words can come at any moment in our lives — even while standing in the produce section of the grocery store. We all need a word of encouragement now and then, something to uplift us and perhaps even make us feel validated. I firmly believe God uses people to speak to us.

The beauty of our words can encourage and inspire, just as the ugliness of words can destroy. Choose your words carefully for you never know when someone needs to hear them.

May we all be blessed with the opportunity to speak a little encouragement into someone’s life today, and offer them a warm beautiful smile.




10 thoughts on “The beauty of words…

  1. This reminded me of one time, several years ago, when a coworker e-mailed me to say, “Yesterday, during our meeting, your eyes looked so sad, and I just want you to know I’m praying for you.”

    Those words were so powerful to me…had tears running down my face.

    First, just knowing that someone else noticed…that they saw my pain. Then, secondly, that they responded in prayer….not with questions or interrogations…just prayer.

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    1. Just read your comment, Joe. That is so wonderful to hear that someone would respond to you like that. So often we don’t do such things for ‘men’.
      I have often left secretive notes for others attempting to encourage them. Even in the midst of my heartache I feel great pleasure in praying for others or letting them know that the Lord and Saviour that I serve cares more deeply than they can ever imagine ….

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      1. In our society, sorrow can be so incredibly lonely. Most of us don’t know how to respond to someone else’s sorrow. So we tend to just step back and hope they work it out…we’re so afraid of being intrusive that we become neglectful.

        Sometimes, just letting someone know you realize they are grieving or hurting and that you care can do much to alleviate the sense of loneliness.

        So, keep leaving those notes! 🙂

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    2. Yes Joe, it is so powerful to have someone speak words to us which show they have noticed our pain, struggle, etc. And even more powerful when they hold us in prayer. Good for that co-worker.

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  2. I have dreaded shopping as I have had to finally be honest about “the Lie” I was living. Some want to know the details; some don’t care; others when they hear then choose to alienate me as they refuse to believe that my quiet spouse was capable of abuse.
    Thankfully, there have been a few bright moments where the words were indeed beautiful and comforting. Most surprisingly they come from those I least expected. Thank you Lord for these beautiful words, however it would bring more comfort if it came from the church.

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    1. Oh how I can relate, healinginHim! When my ex walked out over 6 years ago I always felt such condemnation and judgement where I went, even if that wasn’t truly happening. And yes, some people would prefer not to know anything and just not get involved, others choose to judge even when not understanding the situation.
      And I too have been amazed over the past several years of who has stayed by my side — they have often been, like this man I spoke of, people I didn’t even realize knew me or cared that much. Unfortunately, the ones that often walked away were people I felt had been good friends or at least knew me enough to see the truth.


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Bonny! I try to remind myself often when out and about, and even just in my own home, how my words can affect someone else that day for better or worse.

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