Such Amazing Grace!

God’s Grace is so amazing indeed!

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I have been in need of His Grace for as long as I can remember. And the day I accepted Him into my heart and chose to believe upon Jesus was the best day of my life! (Ephesians 2:8)

Amazing Grace — oh yes, it is!

Have you found His Grace?

If so, have you truly allowed yourself to be covered by His Grace? Or do you question whether you’re good enough or whether you will do something to cause the Lord to no longer love you?

How often over the years have I wept with worry that some decision I made or thought of making would take His Grace from me. How many countless hours I’ve been troubled about doing the right thing or making the right choice because of fearing the Lord would no longer loving me.

Twenty-six* years ago I walked down a church aisle in hopes of a beautiful future. And although the future I have walked into all these years later did not turn out as I had envisioned that day, it has turned out very beautiful! He has made beauty for the ashes from all those years ago and it all happened in His time and through His Grace.

Nothing I did, no decision I made stopped Him from loving me, leading me and giving me a future full of beauty and hope.

Abuse is ugly, destructive and can leave a pile of ashes where once there had been life. But the Lord can turn ugliness into beauty, rebuild what was once destroyed, and bring forth new life from the ashes.

And that is exactly what He has done in my life.

His Grace is amazing!

Sunday at church we sang Amazing Grace and it brings tears to my eyes every time. This song reminds me of how much my Savior loves and cares for me, and always has. Even when I struggled through an abusive marriage, He was there and even when others condemned me for decisions they believed to be wrong, He never turned away from me.

He covered me in His Grace and Love, and patiently stayed by my side as I struggled with what to do, quietly whispering to me through His Word, “I love you dear child and will never leave you nor forsake you.”

He never condemned nor judged, He simply asked me to follow Him as He led me into a bright and beautiful future full of Grace far too wonderful to comprehend.

Today I celebrate the life He has brought me to, the future He has given me and even when I struggle these days with knowing where exactly He is leading me, I know He will walk beside me and bring me to that place in time. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve arrived but have not allowed myself to find contentment right here where I’m at.

Where are you today dear reader? What are you struggling with? What troubles your mind in the early hours of the still-dark morning?

If you have received His Grace give thanks and allow yourself to be fully covered by it today. For no matter what you are or have walked through in this life, nothing — nothing — can separate you from the love of God! He does not condemn you for making choices you feel are necessary nor does He judge you for stumbling along the way. He simply holds out His hand, offers you His Grace and says, “Come dear child, come follow me.”

May we all give thanks for His Amazing Grace and celebrate today the life He has given us. May we feel His presence each day and know without a doubt He loves us and never leaves us!


*This year, 2017, marks 28 years ago when I was just a young 24-year-old woman starting on a journey of a lifetime in which I had no idea where it would take me. And today I celebrate that journey, as hard as it was, because the storms I walked through produced this life I now have. A life of goodness, a life of love — a life full of amazing Grace!





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