Is there good in your life?

 God is good! (Psalm 73:1)

God works all things for our good! (Romans 8:28)

God will not withhold any good thing from His people! (Psalm 84:11)

01 atypewriter-itsallgood

It is all good…

Yeah, I can hear some of you murmuring to yourself, “What’s so good about it? My life is hard and there’s nothing good in it!

Actually, there’s always something good in life, but that doesn’t mean life is always easy.

Life can be hard. Very hard.

It can be full of heartache, pain, loss, and so many other things which can weigh us down and make us question what is so good about our life.

Remember though — behind every storm cloud there are rays of sunshine waiting to peek through; below the surface of a cold winter ground lies new life ready to burst out; and within every hurting heart there beats hope yearning for all things good.

No life isn’t always easy nor does it seem at times to be very good — but there is always goodness to find when we seek it.

Even in the midst of finding my way after my abusive ex walked out I chose to see the good. I learned that keeping my eyes turned upward kept my soul from spiraling downward, which allowed me to see the good even in the midst of the storms.

When we walk with our eyes lifted up to what is good, we will find goodness raining down on us, and all those things in our life being worked out for our good.

01 aWoman-in-the-sun

Yes, it’s all good…

And if you don’t see it yet — keep your eyes turned upward while in constant communion with the One who is good.

May you, dear reader, find the strength and courage to turn your eyes upward today and every day, seeking what is good and trusting all things to work for your good in His timing.


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4 thoughts on “Is there good in your life?

  1. I totally agree. Gratitude for all the good in our life (even when it’s hard to spot) is so important. There is nothing that can move us into God’s presence more quickly than gratitude.

    I had this verse in my head as I read your post:

    Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. (Philippians 4:6)


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