Is your story truth or fiction?

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Funny how hours begin to blur together turning into days and before you know it, a whole week has flown by. Writing has not happened lately — obviously, you may be thinking — and will not be happening today either. Well, maybe just a little!

So for today, I’m sharing a guest post which really spoke to me and will perhaps do the same for you, dear reader. The guest post for today is about how a narcissist will tell a story to maintain a sense of control in their lives. This story they create is meant to draw others to their side, discredit the victim and keep them, the narcissist, in control. For when a narcissist starts to lose control they simply cannot stand it — they cannot lose, period.

When my narcissistic ex walked out six years ago come next week little did I know what a story he would tell to all those who would lend an ear. And how truly sad those who not only lent an ear but came to actually believe a story so fantastically woven together that it truly should have made them raise an eyebrow to the credibility of it.

I didn’t share my story — at least not then. I had my reasons. But my story is not a fictionally designed fairy tale — just a straight-from-the-heart true account of abuse, crazy-making and narcissism at it’s best.

So for now I will leave you with this wonderful, thought-provoking blog post — Controlling the Story from Grace for My Heart

May you have a wonderful weekend — and remember, in sharing our stories we can offer encouragement, hope and the Truth to others walking a similar path!




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