Being still…

Today is Five Minute Friday where writers from all over take five minutes to write just raw, straight-from-the-heart words without editing…just five minutes of feverish writing.

Today’s word prompt is: Still.


“Be still and know that I am God…” ~Psalm 46:10

Most of us know that scripture well. But do we truly know what it means to “be still”?

It took me a long time to truly understand it and realize that just quieting myself so I could hear God — know God — is what I needed to learn to do.

But how do we quiet ourselves in this fast paced, often times crazy busy life of ours?

The word still can have various meanings, but the definition I recently read that truly resonated with me is: “deep silence and calm.”

Just finding silence in this noisy world of ours can be difficult, and being calm can be equally hard to do when we are some days racing from one thing to the next.

Yet the Lord instructs us to quiet ourselves and calm the craziness enough to know Him.

Psalm 23 gives a perfect example of how the Lord wants us to take the time to slow down — “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet (still) waters.”

He wants to give us peace and calmness in our lives — for it is in the silence we truly get to know Him.


Do you take the time to allow calmness and silence into your life? It is said that we need to make time for often we will never find the time to do those things which are important in our lives.

May we choose to make time today for some quiet and calm while we get to know the Lord.





2 thoughts on “Being still…

  1. Hi Amy, I didn’t realize you had a blog but I found it when I came looking to say thank you. I appreciate that you shared your concerns on Dan’s blog. I don’t think we’re in the minority as much as it might look from the comments.

    Thanks again,


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