Turn around

Today is Five Minute Friday. This is the day writers from all over write for five minutes on a word prompt. No editing, no grammar checks, just straight-from-the-heart writing.

Today’s word prompt is: Turn.


What happens when we turn around?

We see what’s behind.

And seeing what’s behind helps to move us forward into the future.

When we see what was we can see what can be.

Behind us all are invaluable lessons that while we might not have learned at the time we definitely carry with us throughout our whole lives.

All that happens to us in the past can help us to be stronger and wiser in the future.

So turning around can help us to continue moving forward and growing. Because we only grow when we are willing to learn from what is behind us.

Turn around and see, learn and take those lessons from what was, then turn back towards the future and live to your fullest.


May we all move forward into this weekend with the strength and wisdom we have learned from the past, clinging to those things we need to and letting go of those things which need to be laid to rest.



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