Time to leave behind what holds me back…

It’s Five Minute Friday — the day where writers from all over spend five minutes writing on a given word prompt. Unedited, unadulterated, straight from the heart writing.

Today’s word — Leave.


Lately there has been a turmoil and unrest in my heart. Anger has surfaced which I thought was taken care of or at least buried far enough down I would not see it again. Hurt takes over many of my days making me wonder why I’m not over this thing yet. After all it’s going on close to six years that he left — that I was set free.

So why now?

Why all the hurt and anger, and unrest that wants to follow me around these days.

The truth is I know why — the events of the past few months have caused it all to resurface again. What I thought I had left behind.

Leaving a marriage is not an easy decision, but living in an abusive marriage is not an easy decision either.

Mine was not filled with flailing fists leaving external bruising.

Mine was filled with hate and anger hurled in the form of words, silence and putdowns.


So why shouldn’t leaving all that be easy? Why didn’t I leave sooner?

Perhaps the question I need to start focusing on instead these days is — why don’t I leave it all behind now?

Why is it so hard to leave it and to lay it down and walk away?

Because I think it’s easier to hold on as with most things than to walk away leaving it all behind.

But today, as one month comes to an end and we get ready to move forward into a new one, I too need to start moving forward so I can leave behind what holds me back.


What holds you back? What is it that you need to leave behind?

May we all find the courage and strength to leave behind what doesn’t need to take up space in our lives — those things which create turmoil and unrest, instead of peace and comfort in our lives. It isn’t always easy to leave but sometimes it is necessary.





2 thoughts on “Time to leave behind what holds me back…

  1. Amy, I so appreciate your vulnerability here. It’s never easy to leave behind a part of your heart, your dreams for what will never be. It’s hard to leave behind the lies spoken and remembered. I hope you are truly able to move forward, walking in the truths God’s showing you. A beautiful post!

    I am your FMF neighbor. 🙂


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Jeanne. I too hope I can truly find the peace while I more forward and leave behind once and for all what needs to be left behind.


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