Who cares?

I obviously have not been inclined to write much lately — well, actually that is not true. There have been so many words, so many thoughts swirling through my mind, day and night, but to type them out has been the challenge. And perhaps that brings me to the word prompt today at Five Minute Fridaycare.

Sitting here contemplating what that word means to me or how I would ever write for five minutes about it only brought more anxiety. How would I make anything worth reading from that one word — and then I wonder, do any of my words matter anyway?

I suppose that is why I have stopped writing. Even when I do come here to my blog staring at the blinking cursor on the blank page I mostly don’t write because I wonder if it matters. Who cares anyway about my words? Who cares about what little ol’ me has to say.

I guess, I do.

So now that I’ve actually written something, if only just an introduction, it’s time to set the timer for five minutes and just let my fingers type away.



Do you ever wonder if what you do or say or write or create matters?

Do you ever not do something, not write or create because this little voice inside asks that dreaded question, “Does it matter? Does anyone care?”

But does it really matter what others think of us and what it is we do? Does it really matter that not everyone will care?

Or does it matter that we just try and just do it anyway?

There will always be a critical voice from a critical person who is determined to undermine who we are and what we do. There will always be someone who thinks our words, actions or creations are silly or don’t mean anything. There will always be someone who criticizes, minimizes and creates doubts in us.

And sometimes — perhaps more often than not — that person is us.

I’m the best at allowing others’ criticism and negativity to bring me down. And sometimes when the day is already heavily burdened and full of anxiety and frustrations and tears — one little negative word changes my whole perspective of who I am and what I have to offer.

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.” ~I Peter 5:7

When that little voice from either outside me or more than likely from inside starts whispering that no one cares — He tells me differently.



Do you ever feel that what you do doesn’t matter — that no one cares?

I do. Often.

The truth is though, that what you do, what you write, create or say — it all matters to Him.

So let’s all remember today when that little voice, wherever it comes from, whispers to us, “Who cares” — that He does. And we can lay those negative thoughts, negative people, all the hurt, anxieties and doubts at His feet — because He cares and that dear reader, is truly all that truly matters.



10 thoughts on “Who cares?

  1. Hoo-boy, isn’t that the truth. Some days it only takes one careless word from some random person, and our whole selves get hung up on it. I have been actively trying to change that pattern in my life, and it’s definitely still a work in progress. Bless you for writing in spite of the doubt. Sometimes, just putting the words down helps clarify your mind, and brings peace. Nice job! #FMF


    1. Thanks for stopping by! You’re right that sometimes it’s just a matter of writing to bring clarity and peace…usually it really helps!
      Take care.


  2. Oh, yes! I often wonder if my words really matter. While my perspective of God if intensely important to me, I often wonder if it’s really that important to others.

    Most people seem to be more inclined to cling to their current perspective and tell me where I’m ‘wrong’ when my perspective doesn’t happen to align with theirs.

    I understand. I’ve been the same way in the past…and can be now.

    It’s not about trying to convince anyone to see things exactly as I see them. It’s more about learning from each other’s perspectives…about having my own perspective challenged by something brought out in another person’s understanding, and visa-versa.

    That’s how we grow.

    And, yes, every once in a while, someone will comment, message, or e-mail to let me know my words made a difference in their life.

    What a blessing!

    Thank you, Amy, for this post! Blessings to you!


    1. Thanks, Joe.
      I have gotten replies and emails letting me know my words made a difference to someone on that day, and that makes it all worth while. When I wrote more about my experience in an abusive marriage I actually made several online connections with women in similar situations, all of whom I still stay in contact with…and that is the most encouraging thing of all.

      Sometimes it’s not about anyone disagreeing with what my thoughts are, but more how I write or present something and that can cause the very critical side of myself to shut down my writing altogether.
      If the grammar police were real I’d have been in jail a long time ago! Haha!

      Thanks for your thoughts and taking the time to stop by.


      1. Yes, it’s been about three weeks since my last blog post. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say…I’ve got a lot of topics I’ve thought about posting.

        However, spare time has been scarce, and the topics on my mind take a while to work thru and craft into a meaningful post…especially on sensitive topics where I don’t want to unnecessarily offend anyone.

        Maybe I’ll find time this weekend! 🙂


  3. Lovely post. I think when we’re doing something we’re entirely sure of ourselves, we care less and less what other people think. That’s why it’s so important to find your calling, your passion, and then delve in so so deep none of that matters…


    1. Very good point. And I think that’s where I’m struggling at this time in my life, finding my calling and what I really want to throw myself into completely.
      Thanks for your thoughts!


  4. I often feel the same way because I have a brand new start up blog. I have a passion for it but it’s hard especially when you feel that it’s not making a difference anywhere. I just keep pounding into my head that is my pride getting in the way, and that if God wants to lead someone there, He will. Kind of like He led me here today. Great words, thank you!


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