Emotional destruction in marriages…

Yes, I’ve been absent for a long, long time now. Life has been a little crazy busy lately and many other things have taken precedent over blogging right now.

So in place of writing a blog post today I’m going to share what I consider a very important video on emotionally destructive marriages/relationships.

This topic really speaks to my heart as many of you know. I lived in an emotionally, verbally, mentally and eventually, spiritually abusive marriage for 20 years. And it is very devastating — very destructive.

I pray that those who need this information and who need to hear this message will receive it.

Staying in an emotionally destructive marriage is not glorifying to God, is not your cross to bear, nor is it healthy for you or any children who may be involved.

If you feel you are living with abuse of any kind in your marriage please seek help from a local domestic abuse shelter, professional counselor and if appropriate your church. A word of caution:  many churches and pastors are not qualified nor equipped to help victims of domestic abuse.

Please take some time to view:  The Emotionally Destructive Marriage Webinar




2 thoughts on “Emotional destruction in marriages…

  1. Thank you, Amy, for posting on such an important topic.

    Too many people have trouble even naming their situation as abusive…and as you’ve pointed out, too often friends, family, and churches seem to work to keep abused spouses in bondage to their abuser, rather than helping them escape.

    God wants His children free…not enslaved.

    If God wasn’t passionate about our liberty, why would He have redeemed Israel from Egypt and why would He have redeemed us from the kingdom of darkness?

    Thank you!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Joe. I lived in an emotionally abusive marriage for 20 years and spent the next 5 years after my ex left still dealing with his abuse.

      I agree that God wants freedom from enslavement for His children. It was a long, long journey for me, but in the end God set me free from that destruction.

      Leslie was one of the influential people that helped me learn the truth about abuse and stand against the wrongful teaching so prevalent in the churches. I loved this webinar and I pray it reaches those that need to hear it.



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