What comes after the finish?

Today is Five Minute Friday once again — the day that writers come together (or sit alone) and write for five minutes on a given prompt.  No rewrites, no corrections — just words being typed out for five minutes.
Today’s prompt is:  Finish.
To finish or to complete something.  To come to the end of something.
This word made me think of an email I received from a dear friend this morning.  Her words resonated with me so well as I too have been struggling with the same thing as she:
“Change & letting go is so much harder than I expected it would be.”
Change for me is never easy.  I like change to a point, but find it hard to be brought out of my comfort zone I suppose.
In the past several years there have been many changes in my life.  There are been lots of finishes — things ending.
Some of those finishes have been good and necessary, others have been harder.
My boys are growing up (okay, they have grown up) and are making their way in this world; people I always assumed would be a part of my life have left; I’ve moved and settled into another place; a new season of my life called menopause is making itself at home; and what I started oh so many years ago — teaching childbirth classes — has been finished.
Many changes.
And with all those changes something has to finish for the new to begin.
I don’t always want to let go of what was — the familiar.
Perhaps the letting go, seeing the finish line brings about a fear of sorts.  A fear of seeing the old pass on, losing who we once were, and now faced with who we will become.  Finding a new identity.
There is the popular cliche of a new door opening when one shuts and I think there is something to that.
I believe God calls us to many things in this life.  Just as Ecclesiastes tells us — there is a time for everything — a season for all things under the sun.  When one thing ends — when it finishes — I believe there are and can be something new we are called to.
Parenting is only for a season of our lives; some people are only in our lives for a season; and careers may change
Change can be hard.  Letting go of what was may not be easy.
But remembering that when one thing is finished in our lives there will be something else waiting for us helps us to keep moving forward.
And in the end, I only hope that I finish strong as I run this race with perseverance.
May we all look in anticipation to what lies ahead as one season finishes up.

5 thoughts on “What comes after the finish?

  1. I’ve never been one to like change, either! Thanks for your honest post. I think we can probably all relate to the challenge spiritually and emotionally and, sometimes, physically, that change throws our way. Nothing lasts forever (at least not yet). That’s a hard truth.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rachel! I’ve always had a hard time coming to terms with change in my life, especially when it’s watching my boys leave home and make their own way. Really tugs at a mama’s heart.
      I read your post on Finish and loved your words. I didn’t see a place to leave a comment.


  2. I understand your feelings so well. My girls are grown now, and parenting looks a lot different than it used to look. Now I’m trying to wait until I’m asked for advice. It’s so hard!

    But, I’m excited for the next chapter in my life. May you find joy in the new pages that are being turned for you!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is hard isn’t it to not just jump in and offer advice without first being asked! It’s kind of bittersweet because after all as parents we are to prepare our children for finding their wings and taking flight, yet there is a tiny part of us that would like them to stay in the nest.
      And yes, I too am excited for this new season of my life. so very nice to ‘meet’ you and we both find joy and fulfillment in what is to come next.


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