Allowing our potential to bloom…

Today is Five Minute Friday!  The day where writers come together to write for five minutes on the prompt given.  No editing, no back tracking, no trying to be perfect — just writing.

Our word for today is Bloom.


When I read our prompt this morning I felt it was just for me.

I haven’t posted in a long, long time here on my blog.  I actually didn’t realize how long it’s been until I got on here this morning to try once more to write.

Four weeks!  A whole month since I’ve put any words down on my blog.

Part of the reason has been because of being busy redecorating and painting my house, but perhaps the main reason has been feeling at a loss in my life.  A loss at what I should/could/want to be doing with my life.  What am I called to do.  What am I even worthy of doing.

And that brings us to this word — bloom.

To bloom indicates to me an opening up.  Just as a flower opens or blooms from the tightly closed bud, blooming in our lives is a type of opening or blooming into our full potential.

The blooms on a flower start as tightly closed buds which begin to open up as they are fed and watered, and continue growing. Growing into their full beauty — their full potential.  Opening to what they were meant to be.

And each flower has a season they must go through to reach their blooming period just as we do.

A seed is sown.  Then with proper nurturing and in the right timing it grows into something and a bud is formed.  A bud which holds the potential of great beauty.

And in the right time, in the right season, that bud will open — sometimes slowly, sometimes instantly — but it will always open to expose the beauty tightly wrapped up inside.

A bloom bursting forth with it’s one-of-a-kind beauty.  Unique even among other blooms of the same kind.

And we too are unique.  Which is something I have forgotten over these past few weeks.  I came to focus too much of my time on what everyone else is writing or doing in their lives, and came to the conclusion that what I have to offer — the blooms in my life — are not special enough or anything unique enough.

“A flower does not think of competing with another flower, it just blooms.”


May we all allow ourselves to release and bloom right where we are, and allow our beauty and uniqueness to shine forth.



6 thoughts on “Allowing our potential to bloom…

  1. Yes! Comparison can often feel like a hindrance to blooming. We all have our unique adventures that must be chased, and that is where the blooming happens. Chase your adventure and bloom on!


  2. “The blooms on a flower start as tightly closed buds which begin to open up as they are fed and watered, and continue growing. Growing into their full beauty — their full potential. Opening to what they were meant to be.” Love this image and the permission to allow ourselves to go through the seasons of being closed buds with the knowledge that one day soon we will bloom again.


    1. Thanks, Shannon. It is important I believe to allow ourselves to rest in a season of just being in the bud stage knowing that one day we will bloom right where God wants us.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laura. I love how God designed beauty for us in this life — even when the road may be rocky all we have to do is look around us to see God’s beauty and faithfulness.


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