A reading list for Monday…

Happy Monday!

Do you need a little encouragement today…a little pick me up to get this new week off to a good or better start?

Yeah?  Well then, I’m glad you stopped by because I may have just what you need!

You see, today is one of those days with too many to-do’s on my list so in lieu of not blogging at all I have compiled together a few links filled with encouraging and hope-filled words for you — plus a beautiful song or two to feed your soul!

So, dear reader, no matter what your day brings, no matter where you are, no matter the circumstances in your life — take a moment (just a quick one) to breathe deeply, say a silent or out-loud prayer of thanksgiving, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and fill your heart and soul with some encouragement.

Do You Believe God?

How to Focus in an Age of Distraction:  Make it a Good Summer

God Filled the Gap with Himself

When Your Heart is Breaking

He Knows Your Name (A beautiful song)

Steady My Heart — another beautiful song!

May you have a beautiful start to the week ahead, dear reader!  Until next time…





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