These hands…


My hands. Something I’ve never liked about myself. How crazy is that when it’s these hands that have done so much through my lifetime.

01 boy szj237165

These hands have held two children from the moment of birth through their growing up. They have wiped away tears, they have held little hands, and they have held on tight during the growing up which means at some point letting go.

These hands have also held women through their laboring moments as they bring their own babies into the world. These hands have wiped away the sweat on the faces of women working hard during birth, holding their hands through waves of contractions.

These hands have held that of my husband’s. These hands that once had no hand to hold and knew no love in marriage, are now blessed to feel great love.

These hands have typed words of hope and encouragement, and brought a little ray of hope to other women seeking comfort as they walk familiar roads.

These hands. They have held and loved and given.

Perhaps these hands are beautiful after all.


May you have a wonderful weekend dear reader!



*This is an older post written during a link up to Five Minute Friday: Hands.


4 thoughts on “These hands…

    1. I’m glad you stopped by too, Brenda! When I saw the prompt for today I wasn’t going to write because I immediately thought only negative things about my hands, mostly that I don’t like their appearance. LOL Glad I took the time to look a little beyond their appearance and truly see what they have been used for over the years.
      May your weekend be filled with blessings!


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