For such a time as this…

I’ve been sick.

Yep, I just couldn’t resist catching the bug my son brought home last weekend.  It’s mostly a head cold, but I also feel extremely drained.  So, while I’ve been working on a post which I had hoped to put up yesterday but could not find the energy to finish, I decided to write a quick little something this afternoon.

This little something is about finding our place in life.  You know — where you’re meant to be, what you’re meant to be doing.

Lately I’ve felt a restlessness or — not sure what the right word is, but I’ll probably figure it out later when my head is not so congested!  But I’ve been feeling the need to do more, to do something, and although I have several ideas and dreams, I’ve just been feeling kind of lost.

Today I decided I needed to rest.  Rest to help me get over this dang cold and because my body was shouting very loudly that it needed me to stop going, going, going.

But I also decided I needed to rest my heart and mind from so actively trying to figure out what it is I should be doing or what it is I want to do.  I just needed to rest — rest in the Lord and listen for Him.  Turn off the radio, turn off the television — just turn off all the busyness and noise I generate.

I needed to rest and listen.

And pray.

Have you ever been praying and suddenly something happens that gives you goosebumps and brings an overwhelming feeling of peace and joy to your heart?  Well, that happened to me today as I rested and prayed.

God led me to a blogger who wrote a guest post on one of my favorite blogs, God Sized Dreams.  Her post resounded so clearly with me that I just had to reply.

And in the moment it took me to type my comment under her post, God used my simple words to connect two women and speak loud and clear to me.

Her reply to me gave me those goosebumps and made me smile:

“Amy, may you never lose sight of His truth: you were born for such a time as this (Esther 4:14)…”


And then I typed a second reply which unknowingly to me at the time spoke words which resonated with her heart and life.

Through words typed for the cyber world to read, two women connected and God spoke very clearly in answer to prayers lifted up.

I still do not know exactly where God is leading me in this season of my life — and those dreams I’ve dreamed for so many years may not come to fruition as I envision them to — but I do feel secure knowing that He is leading and in His timing things will become more clear.

In the meantime, I have to remember, as I wrote in my comment — God has me in this very place at this very moment and it’s here that I need to be fully present.  As I step out He will lead, and perhaps, He has already led me to do the very thing He wants.

I am, and so are you dear reader, made “for such a time as this…” and even if you are not sure what that is or what it looks like yet, God can and will use you and I in a very special way — right here, right this moment.







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7 thoughts on “For such a time as this…

  1. Enjoyed finding you on Holley’s link up today. Her words have been so very inspirational to me, too. Have you read any of her books? I’ve read several now and they are great!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kay! I love reading her words, they almost speak directly to me and what it is I may be struggling with in life.
      I have not read any of her books, but need to check them out.


  2. I like the new look of your blog! 🙂 As for what you are supposed to be doing, well, that’s easy. I’ve been frustrated because I can’t find a teaching job, but I’ve finally realized that it doesn’t matter. God calls us all to do the same thing no matter what our circumstances: Care for the widows and orphans. Die to our selfish desires daily. Give all we have to Him. Help the poor and downtrodden. Love our enemies. Spread His word! However you can. Do it in every stage of life. Seasons change, but His desire for what we do with our lives always remains the same.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, April! I’ve been working on re-designing my blog for a while and have finally started doing it.
      You are right that His desire for how we live our lives always stays the same and I’m coming to a place where I’m finding more contentment being home, but would still like to be doing something that reaches out to others. It’s easy to become isolated especially when you don’t work outside the home.
      So while I play around with some different ideas of things I would like to do, I keep reminding myself that right here right this moment is where I am and in this place I have the opportunity to do all I do for Him.


      1. Yes, we must always reach out to others, no matter what else we are doing! I’ve been convicted of my failures in that area. 😦 I am too focused on myself and on what I want! I’ve been all like, “Oh what does God want me to do? Teach? Write? Go overseas again?” and then I realized…DUH. He does not care about my CAREER. He cares about how I help others, die to myself daily, care for the poor, etc! It’s all laid out in the Bible. And I have free will. It’s not like He has a specific plan for what I should do. As long as I do what he has asked in regards to helping others, it doesn’t matter! God’s like Nike … he’s all…Just Do It! LOL! I’m going to volunteer for CASA and I’m thinking about some other ways I can help too.


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