Five minutes of nothing


Lately, I’ve just been feeling nothing. What I mean is no words to write. A nothingness when it comes to blogging.

Oh, the words are there — at least in my head. Thoughts swirling around up there Every.Single.Day, and yet to get them out and put them down as meaningful words here on my blog just keeps resulting in — nothing.

I try, at least I mean to try to get a post out every week at the minimum. I try to write and almost every day I sit with my laptop and type. Then I go back and edit, then I go back and re-edit — and then I go back and decide it’s just not right so I hit ‘delete permanently’.

Ever feel like that? That what you have to offer is not good enough? How you’d like to just hit the ‘delete permanently’ button because nothing you seem to do is good enough. 

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out where God wants me and after an hour of chatting over coffee with a dear friend yesterday and talking about this very thing, I came away feeling refreshed.

I came away realizing that sometimes in what I think is the nothingness of my life, is the real stuff — the most important stuff life is made of.

God doesn’t see me as nothing, He doesn’t think that caring for my family day in and day out is nothing. He is in the midst of what I call nothing and tells me I am something!

Dear reader, when you feel that what you are doing is nothing or you are nothing important, may you see that it’s right there in the nothingness you may feel in your life where the realness of life resides.



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6 thoughts on “Five minutes of nothing

  1. the real stuff is in the nothing… that’s a thought I’ll be thinking on for awhile, I think! really appreciated your thoughts, today. glad you went ahead and hit that publish button instead of delete!


    1. Thanks, Richelle, for stopping by! And I did come close to hitting the ‘delete’ button! But I loved the challenge to just write and see what appears after 5 minutes. 🙂


  2. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David made a fortune and kept people tuning in for years writing about “nothing.” It’s all in the eye of he beholder. I find your writings very interesting because of the truth in them. As in;

    Today I mowed the lawn and then went to see Million Dollar Arm at 12:35 PM with my wife. We got there 35 minutes before the movie started to get the best seats. We were the only ones in the theater the whole time.That is only the second time in my long life that has ever happened. She said, “We’re the only ones in here. I said “Yeah,” and gave her THAT LOOK. She grinned but gave me the OTHER LOOK so that was as far as things went. I mean, how often do you get that kind of opportunity. Maybe next time, if and when.

    All true and all about nothing as it turns out. *SIGH* But you did enjoy it, right? Even “nothing” can be entertaining and interesting. Hang in there, girl.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Dan. Sounds like you still had a good time today even if it wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for. BTW, we saw that movie and really liked it. Now you need to take your wife to see Mom’s Night Out…really funny and probably something she can totally relate to!


  3. Beautiful. I love this. I’ve been struggling to write lately, but have come to realize that this is not a writing season for me. It is a healing season.


    1. I hope you find much healing in doing nothing for a while. This is what my friend and I talked about yesterday over coffee. How sometimes in trying to figure out where we should be or what we should be doing, we need to just be still and enjoy the place we are at.
      I’ve been struggling with writing lately and then this morning to see the five minute prompt to write about nothing…wow, I felt like God was speaking to me.
      Have a beautiful weekend!


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