A guest post

I know I have been MIA for a while.  Life has been busy with too many to-do lists and too many would-like-to-do lists, all of which are clouding my mind as I seek direction for my life.  Plus, I spent a week visiting my mom in Washington state so my to-do list is a tad longer as there is housework to catch up on!

So in place of writing a blog entry today, I would like to share another amazing blog post from Cindy Burrell.  Each and every time I read one of her entries I find myself reliving my own story of living in an abusive marriage.  And today’s post transported me back five years ago.  A time when life became vibrant again for me, where colors became brighter, sounds grew sweeter, laughter resounded loudly, and each day was found with peace and happiness.

Please enjoy, Life on the Other Side.






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