A good, happy life…

Life can be hard.

Life can hurt.

Life can disappoint.


Children die.

Spouses leave.

Fathers abuse.

Jobs are lost.

Houses are foreclosed on.

The ‘American dream’ is unreachable.


So, how in the midst of such a messy life can we ever expect to have happiness? Let alone say “life is good?”

Happiness is not based on people or things or circumstances…all of which will leave, disappoint and change.

Obtaining happiness and finding the good in life is not about us…it is all about Him. It is about the Gift He freely gives…a Gift which only needs to be received by us.


Some would argue that life is not about being happy and to that I would say, true. Happiness is not the goal of life, but the result. God’s salvation gives us everlasting joy in our hearts, because of the certainty we have of eternity.  And as a result of that certainty, we can choose to be happy in our lives…messy or not.

I do not believe that God wants us to just wallow in our misery. Life happens…we live in a fallen, evil world, but I believe our Father would want us to have a happy, good life despite our circumstances.

“…may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.”  ~Psalm 68:3


Ann Voskamp writes:  

“Happiness is not getting something — but being given to Someone.”



Happiness is found in the unchanging, constant of God in our lives. When everyone and everything else fails us…He remains.

When a gift is given to us…carefully selected just for us…the gift is opened, admired and a “thank you” is spoken. Saying thank you for the Gift He gives shows appreciation for our life. For without Him we would not have the Gift of everlasting life.


Yes, life may be painful, unfair, and so difficult it can be hard to see clearly through the tears of exhaustion. I know…I’ve walked that very road.  A road full of potholes, sharp unexpected turns and too many U-turns to count.

But even in the midst of our messy lives we can still give thanks and sing praise to the One who offered us the ultimate Gift…life.

“I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.” ~Eccles 3:12


And to see how it is possible to choose happiness and sing praise in the midst of total devastation watch this:


This week I pray we all see clearly the blessings God brings into our lives. And may the result of the joy of our salvation be a good, happy life.




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