The shifting of seasons…

It has been said that people come into our lives for a purpose and time.  They step into our lives for a reason, a season, or perhaps a lifetime.

01 woman walking away

I have a hard time letting go and change is hard for me. When it’s time for someone to move on, when it’s time for one season to slowly change into the next, I’m not always accepting of it. No season is perfect, but each one can still hold good memories — just as it is with people.

My heart is heavy today, my eyes sting from the tears, but I know that life will go on. It’s time for me to step into the next season and wait with anticipation for what and who God will bring into my life.

People will fail me, and it’s usually because I expect more than what I should, more than what they could ever give.  And sometimes when the reason or season is over for which they came into my life, it can feel like being abandoned. One thing I have learned and am still learning — is that hurts and disappointments will cause me to lose focus on Who is most important in my life.  When man fails me, God never does.

“…there’s an enemy who tries to turn every fire to destroy your faith —  when every fire can kindle your fervency for your first love Who never lets you go.” (Ann Voskamp)

Since there are just no other words for me today, I would encourage you all to wander over to A Holy Experience to read a post that could not have been more timely for me,  and hopefully will speak to your hearts as well.




3 thoughts on “The shifting of seasons…

  1. Hi Amy, I can relate to this right now. When I was growing up I moved almost every year, so I developed a habit of blocking people out. When I was in my 20s God dealt with me about that habit, and I’ve improved since then on letting others into my heart and making bonds. Now my husband and I feel a big move coming up, and the hardest part is leaving the people I love! I know God leads us into new seasons for our good, but it’s so hard to say goodbye sometimes. I hope this next season is a beautiful one that brings healing for the hard parts of saying goodbye.


    1. Glad you stopped by Kim. Yes, goodbyes are hard, in my case it is not about moving and leaving friends, I’ve had a couple friends walk away from me so for me it is about letting go of people that perhaps God brought into my life for a brief season when I needed what they had to offer. It’s sad, but I’ve also reconnected with some friends lately and am building those friendships now. Life changes and I’m just learning to roll with it.


  2. Amy, when I was growing up we moved almost every year, so I made myself good at saying goodbye. But I’ve been in NYC now for almost 9 years and God has softened my heart a lot in that time as well. Now my husband and I feel a move in our near future but we also know it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye to the people we love. I hope that the season God is leading you into is full of hope and blessing. Thank you for sharing this.


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