As I watched the snow flakes softly floating past the window on that wintry day, it made me think of how our lives are forever changing.  Changing just like the seasons which come and go outside the windows of our homes.  We too move through seasons in our lives.  Seasons forever changing us…causing growth, sometimes discomfort and almost always a yearning for something new.  There are sunny seasons bringing warmth and contentment, rainy seasons which make us feel as if we might drown, chilly seasons causing things to fade away which are not productive, and the snowy seasons producing a stillness filled with anticipation of something new around the corner.

Just as the seasons in the environment are necessary for regrowth to occur, so too the seasons we walk through in our lives allow for new growth to take place within us.  A life without change is a life without hope.  A life without hope, is a stagnant life in which we can become complacent to just accepting our circumstances.  And it doesn’t matter what the circumstances…life might be good with nothing of importance to complain about or life might be in turmoil with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.  If we stay in those circumstances we do not grow, we do not change and most importantly, we may start to take our focus off of the one constant in our lives…God.

It’s often easier to stay focused on Him when things are not going well and easier to rely on ourselves when things are rolling along smoothly.  Although, I have found in my own life that even in the bad circumstances, if we allow ourselves to stay there too long never looking to change and grow, it can also become easy to take our eyes off the Lord and focus only on the hardness of life.  The hard things in life can easily become an idol.  We place the hurt, pain and suffering above the Lord, putting Him on the back burner, only checking in once in a while when we had time and energy.

When I was living in an abusive marriage I realized later, after it ended, how much I had made it an idol in my life.  That isn’t to say I worshiped it, but I put it above the Lord many times.  Partly because I would blame the Lord for my circumstances…”He must not love me nor care about me otherwise He would deliver me and my children from the situation”…and partly because I just did not have time for Him as I was trying too hard to just survive and at the end of the day, there was often nothing left for God.  Life was too hard, too tiring, too much of a struggle…sound familiar?  And all my energy and time went to focusing on those circumstances and how to fix them or some days, just wallowing in them.

Seasons constantly change allowing new life to emerge.  Sometimes one season can last a little longer, with seemingly no end in sight with nothing appearing to emerge from it, but more heartache and pain.  Yet God tells us “there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)  And I am so grateful for His Truth, His direction in my life.  And His timing even if it is not mine.

In the past several years, four to be exact, I have walked through many seasons…some easier than others, but none without challenges or some sort of struggle.  Fortunately, as the seasons of my life continued to change I was grateful to have one constant which enabled me and continues to enable me to keep walking forward…putting one foot in front of the other even on those days when I did not want to get out of bed.  God has control of the seasons of my life just as He does yours and for that, I’m grateful.

He will never leave us nor forsake us when we are choosing to follow Him.  When we seek direction from Him and lay down everything at His feet…all our burdens, sadness, pain, regrets, hopelessness…He promises to give us the strength to do all things no matter our circumstances.  Even though our lives continually change, God does not.  He is the one constant we can depend on.  He is in control all the time and through all the seasons.  Just as He tells the flowers when it’s time to burst forth with life, He lets us know when it is time for regrowth.

As I continued to watch, the snowflakes slowly melted away into the sunshine streaming down through the parting clouds.  Although spring is not just around the corner, there is that little glimmer of hope letting me know warmer days are ahead.




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